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The American Sanskrit Institute provides a safe harbor, an embracing community devoted to knowledge through the process of yoga. The heart of our work is the ongoing creation of learning environments where we all are free to learn in a clarified atmosphere of friendship, mutual support and love for the sacred beauty of Sanskrit and its luminous verses, sūtras and grammar.

Since its creation in 1989, ASI has been on the cutting edge of transformational education, and we have continuously worked to refine the process in an effort to make the study of Sanskrit as simple, as enjoyable and universally accessible as possible.

The life-long friendships of ASI students who attended immersions 25 years ago are a testimony to the work we do in inspiring people to fully engage in a shared ongoing learning process.

Your donation will help us to continue our good work, create beautiful new texts and courses, enhance our website, and inspire a new generation of teachers and students to cultivate the love of learning.

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Vyaas Houston,