Yoga Sutras: The Practice Part 1

Yoga Sutras: The Practice Part 1
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Yoga Sutras: the Practice I is a discussion of the final and most comprehensive Sanyama practices offered in the Yoga Sutras, Bhuta-jaya, Mastery of the Elements and Indriya-jaya, Mastery of the Senses in combination with Ishvara-pranidhana as a complete practice that ties together and gives meaning in a practical way to the entire text. But the primary focus of this book is the Bhuta-jaya, the first of the three. It also includes an appendix that outlines in detail the Bhuta-jaya sanyama in Beginning, Intermediate and Complete versions.

"The book is excellent in its balance of theory and practice. I"m finding it easy to follow and very deep. Thank you." ~ Judith Sugg, Ph.D.