Noun Posters I & II

Noun Posters I & II
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Understanding nouns and their endings is the most important aspect of grasping Sanskrit - apart from the alphabet. Fully three fourths of the words that occur in Sanskrit literature require noun endings.

All noun endings are based on an original set of proto-endings. These are added directly to nouns like "brahman." For example, we say "namo brahmane," meaning namah to brahman - thus giving context to our noun. Other nouns like yoga, muni, and guru end in a simple vowel. When endings are added to such words, euphonic blending of course happens - befitting Sanskrit's high standard of aesthetics, while maintaining differentiation between variations like masculine and feminine.

The biggest challenge for a student of Sanskrit is to stay engaged while en route to understanding. Panini's way of getting there is elegant and beautifully symmetrical - and has now been crystallized in the Noun Posters. In beautiful full color, Noun Poster I covers primarily cases 1, 2 and 8. Cases 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are the focus of Noun Poster II. To use the Noun Posters as a syllabus, start with Noun Poster II to develop familiarity with the method before progressing to the more complicated operations covered in Noun Poster I.