Portable Sanskrit Atlas

Portable Sanskrit Atlas
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As a teacher, I noticed that everything changed once there was a Sanskrit Atlas. A system of grammar previously distributed through hundreds of pages became simplified into 43 language maps. These "maps" were designed to become an extension of a student's memory when used repeatedly. It no longer requires years of grammatical preparation to comprehend text. Memory of Sanskrit is now organized in an aesthetic presentation using full color to highlight distinctions. With use, each map becomes a unique field of play which gradually becomes familiar territory.

Now this invaluable memory system is no longer confined to your desktop. A new "Portable Sanskrit Atlas" can go wherever you go. It's still printed on the same deluxe textured paper. It's half the thickness because the 33 color tabs are attached to the pages directly. It is spiral bound in a handsome sturdy duplex black and charcoal linen cover - close to letter size (A4) just half an inch thick. A welcome addition to those who already own the Atlas, it also makes an initial purchase of Atlas materials greatly reduced.

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The Atlas Tour CD is not included with this Atlas, but is available separately.

Existing Atlas customers are eligible for a special discount. Please email us for your coupon code. Offer is only available to previous confirmed owners of the large format Atlas.