Copic Markers

Copic Markers
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Copic Markers are used for the presentation of the Sanskrit Alphabet in all ASI classes. Their long lasting tips give a sharp clean line unlike other art pens that fray easily. They are the highest quality marker available anywhere. Each pen is refillable and features replaceable nibs, you will never have to throw a marker away. This is unquestionably the best pen for practicing Sanskrit Calligraphy. We offer them at discount prices.

10 Color Set used in ASI's color-coded Alphabet
  • #RV09 - Fuchsia
  • #100 - Black
  • #G17 - Forest Green
  • #YR07 - Cadmium Orange
  • #V09 - Violet
  • #B05 - Process Blue
  • #B34 - Manganese Blue
  • #BG13 - Mint Green
  • #b29 - Ultramarine
  • #R08 - Vermillion