Songs To Shiva CD (includes digital song book download link)

Songs To Shiva CD (includes digital song book download link)
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Songs to Shiva

Featuring Vyaas Houston (vocals) and Mark Kelso (piano). Available in CD with illustrated 32-page book with Sanskrit, transliteration & translation.

In the tradition of Yoga, the ultimate experience of transcendence and liberation has most often been portrayed through the personification and mystical symbolism of Shiva, or Shambhu, "whose being is peace" and many other names, found here in these 10 ancient songs, or stotra. At once inspiring and terrifying - in meditation on Mt. Kailasa, or smeared with crematory ashes and wearing a garland of skulls - Shiva is the final truth, a knowledge of Self which transcends all limiting beliefs and identities. Shiva is the resolution of duality - male and female, good and bad, pleasure and pain, life and death.

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01) Invocation to Shiva [3:27]
02) Morning Song to Shiva [2:20]
03) Shiva Lingam [5:46]
04) Parvati Pancakam [3:53]
05) Lord of the Universe [7:02]
06) Six Sacred Sounds [3:59]
07) Inner Offering to Shiva [5:02]
08) Upamanyu's Song [8:50]
09) Five Sacred Sounds of Shiva [5:09]
10) Song of Nirvana (I am Shiva) [6:35]