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Featuring the writings of Vyaas Houston, David Frawley, K.P. Rajappan, Satish C. Bhatnagar, Judith Ferry & Shalini Bosbyshell. 50 pages.

Devavani, or "The Language of the Gods", is an inspirational collection of essays, articles and quotes examining the language of Sanskrit through it's applications in technology, spirituality, health, and creativity.

Contents include:
  • Sanskrit & the Technological Age
  • Sanskrit - Planetary Language?
  • Sanskrit, and the Language of the Vedas
  • The Yoga of Learning Sanskrit
  • Where Does Sanskrit Come From?
  • Sanskrit for Computer Processing
  • Importance of Sanskrit in Vedic Mathematics
  • Sanskrit, a Sacred Model of Language
  • Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutras
  • Sanskrit Training for Professionals
  • Sanskrit for Aspiring Physicists