New Panini Atlas (books 1, 2 and 3)

New Panini Atlas (books 1, 2 and 3)
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The purpose of Pānini's "Eight Books" is to state the rules that dictate correct grammatical forms in the fewest number of words. The ultimate brevity he achieved makes it possible for anyone to the learn the grammar in its entirety ~ By Heart. Strategy for study and memorization is provided in the preface to the text.

"I recently purchased and started using the Ashtadhyayi color coded book that you published and I must say it is a sheer pleasure to use .. it is a masterpiece in visual representation that shows the process of anuvrutti beautifully as it has never been done before (to my knowledge).

I see this is a work of love requiring intense dedication - once again I am in awe and can't tell you how much I love it."

- Haridas Radhakrishnan